09 ianuarie 2009

Burn After Reading


nu ştiam de ce nu m-am îndurat să îl mai văd încă o dată. O recenzie foarte bună la ultimul film al fraţilor Cohen, dacă nu l-aţi văzut deja, merită să vedeţi dacă e adevărat ce se spune

It feels like the directors have asked each member of their cast to, “you know, just be yourself, sort of,” and to sleepwalk along with them. This may explain why most of the performances are sometimes funny, mostly flat, while conversely, this effect works in favor of the actor with arguably the best chops, John Malkovich, who reaffirms that he is more interesting and humorous sitting silently in a chair than the most crafted witticism a scriptwriter can dream up.

on with Intolerable Cruelty then ...