22 februarie 2012

Fracţionare hidraulică III

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a kind of subterranean pipe bomb, a small package of ball-bearing-like shrapnel and light explosives. The package is detonated, and the shrapnel pierces the bore hole, opening up small perforations in the pipe. They then pump up to 7 million gallons of a substance known as slick water to fracture the shale and release the gas. It blasts through those perforations in the pipe into the shale at such force—more than nine thousand pounds of pressure per square inch—that it shatters the shale for a few yards on either side of the pipe, allowing the gas embedded in it to rise under its own pressure and escape.

Why Not Frack? Bill McKibben

Agentia pentru Protectia Mediului Vaslui confirma eliberarea unor acorduri de mediu pentru prospectiuni pentru petrol si gaze catre firmele Prospectiuni SA si Chevron Romania Exploration and Production in judet, unde deja s-au incheiat lucrarile de gen. Daca factorii de decizie dau unda verde si hartiile de rigoare, Chevron se poate apuca de explorarea si exploatarea perimetrelor.

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