30 iulie 2009

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Coward wrote the song while driving from Hanoi to Saigon "without pen, paper, or piano"

mi-ar plăcea să îl văd pe Run de la Run DMC încercând asta, ori, dacă mă gândesc bine, mai potrivit ar fi fost Ol' Dirty Bastard, dacă ar mai fi trăit.

"I wrestled in my mind with the complicated rhythms and rhymes of the song until finally it was complete, without even the aid of pencil and paper. I sang it triumphantly and unaccompanied to my travelling companion on the verandah of a small jungle guest house. Not only Jeffrey [Amherst], but the gecko lizards and the tree frogs gave every vocal indication of enthusiasm"

Wikipedia - Mad Dogs and Englishmen

via Dangerous Minds