03 octombrie 2011


A characteristic that these exchanges have in common is cruelty. Cruelty is a close cousin to injustice, yet it is different. Injustice and its opposite, justice—perhaps the most commonly used standards for judging the health of the body politic—are political criteria par excellence, and apply above all to systems and their institutions. Cruelty and its opposites, kindness, compassion and decency, are more personal. They are apolitical qualities that nevertheless have political consequences. A country’s sense of decency stands outside and above its politics, checking and setting limits on abuses. An unjust society must reform its laws and institutions. A cruel society must reform itself.

de aici

în 20 ani, n-au reuşit să construiască autostrăzi, dar au reuşit să-i asmută pe români, unii împotriva celorlalţi, de minune. Măcar asta pot s-o treacă la realizări.