03 octombrie 2011

trădarea ziariştilor

That we are speaking here about metaphysicians, not journalists, becomes evident when Read elaborates Benda's complaint: "M. Benda's charge is that the clerks of today .... have betrayed the cause of speculative thought to the interests of political passion." Given the differences, Benda's examples and details are surprisingly similar to Gladstone's: our clercs have lost faith in objectivity, so they feel free to push whichever point of view they find expedient. In particular they have fallen prey to the lure of nationalism: where beforehand "Plato demanded that the philosopher should be bound in chains in order to compel him to take an interest in the State," nowadays they are all to willing to serve its propagandistic needs. They indulge in the most despicable xenophobia; they align shamelessly align their thought to a perceived "national character." Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. (That's French.)

Dave Maier, face o recenzie la The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media

Pare o lectură utilă pentru cineva care doreşte să descifreze ce naiba s-a-ntîmplat cu presa românească în ultimii cinci ani şi încotro se-ndreaptă ea.